At Unique Chemoplant Equipments, we have a unique innovative INGINEERING culture that combines our process engineering expertise with passion for solving complex problems. Since 1981.
To consistently design and supply a range of complex process equipment that have stood the test of time for over 30 years in a variety of applications and industries, it takes more than mere engineering capabilities. It takes single-minded focus to excel. It takes passion. At Unique Chemoplant Equipments, these qualities help us engineer solutions that go bevond client expectations. And it is this passion to excel that has made us the leading provider of chemical plants and equipment in India and abroad.
Incorporated in 1981, we also happen to be one of the most experienced & specialised groups having proven our performance in several Public & Private Sectors as well as with our overseas customers in the fields of Chemical, Petrochemicals.
Pharmaceuticals, Pesticides, Refineries & Dye Intermediates. The only thing constant about change is change, hence we have also engineered our infrastructure in order to provide you with the state-of-art facilities & human resources in accordance to the development within the industry.
Our group has introduced comprehensive computerisation for Automation & computer aided Design & Estimation. We have also initiated a program to upgrade our in-house facilities & systems with a view to obtain certification under ISO 9001 & ASME 'U' Stamping.
For better Control over production & delivery schedules, we have in-house facilities for Material Handling, Plate / Pipe Bending, Dish Forming, MIG / TIG / SMAW, Welding, Plasma Cutting, Machining, Drilling, Mechanical & Electrochemical Polishing.

Customized Products: We supply of a variety of custom-designed chemical process equipment including Reaction Vessels, Agitators, High Pressure Autoclaves, Hydrogenators, Pressure Vessels, Heat-Exchangers, Tall Vertical Columns among others.

Specialised Products: We supply specialized and proprietary products like Rotary Vacuum Paddle Dryers, Spherical Paddle Chopper Dryer, Autoclaves with quick opening doors, Rotocone Vacuum Dryer, Conical Screw Dryer, Ribbon Blender, Co-Axial Contra-Rotating Mixers and Silicon-Carbide Heat Exchangers.

Solutions: We also supply world-class systems and skids, and turnkey plants, including detailed process engineering, design engineering and supply of equipment. structurals, piping and instrumentation.

Our Product Range:
• Process Reaction Vessels
• Heat-exchanger
• Agitator
• Autoclave
• Columns
• Dyers-mixers
• Specialized-plant-equipments
• Gas-liquid-reactors-hydrogenators
• Silicon-carbide-tube-heat-exchanger
• Fabricated Equipments
• C-Gmp Equipment
• GMP Reactors
• Reactors
• Coded Process Equipment, Plants, Skids and Systems

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